Spend your time running your business and less time worrying about the technology that powers it by allowing the Affiliate Information Technology program to provide you with full time, turn-key IT management and support.

Allow us to manage your network on a 24x7 basis with Affiliate Information Technology Managed IT services. The technology behind our Affiliate Information Technology program allows our engineering teams to automate all of the usual mundane, but essential, network management tasks during non-business hours.
Never manually install another computer patch or update again! Within the Affiliate Information Technology program we will create a policy for your computers to adhere to in order to control what updates get installed. Control all of your systems and updates from a central management point and stop walking around from system to system. Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows XP are some of the more common operating systems for which we provide patch management services.
Perform proactive maintenance tasks on all of your computers without having to spend the time doing it. Affiliate Information Technology completes the usual “oil change” tasks on a regular basis. Tasks such as scandisk, defrag, virus and spyware cleaning, temp file cleaning… etc. can be automatically performed on all computers during any scheduled time of the day or night resulting in no interruption during the busy work day.
You will always know the latest information about all of your computers and have the ability to track configuration changes with the Affiliate Information Technology asset management dashboard.
Keep all of your important IT assets monitored 24x7 within Affiliate Information Technology. If a failure occurs, our system will attempt to repair it automatically and alert our support team to the incident. Most times, we detect and resolve issues before users and productivity are affected.

Proven Computer Network Support, Management & Security

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