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Wanted: A “Microsoft Server Rock Star” Who Wants To Make Excellent Money, The Ability To Work From Home, And Work On New & Exciting Projects

If you are a Microsoft MCSE who is bored with your current job because your skills and talents are being underutilized, underappreciated, and unchallenged, then read on.

**Please make sure to read this entire page and watch the video below in its entirety before submitting your resume below.**

Due to significant growth in our organization, we are looking for an ambitious, hard-working Partner Technology Account Manager (P-TAM) who can hold the responsibility of providing first-class technical support to our clients. This is a full-time position in which you can work from home while receiving tremendous benefits, salary, and upward mobility.

As a key player on our team, you will have the opportunity to:

Earn more money and experience with the ability to work from home.

Work with a variety of different clients and on multiple projects so you’re never bored.

Receive ongoing training on new emerging technologies.

Be an integral part of a dynamic, fast-growing team of “A” players.

Receive full health benefits.

Earn the salary and respect you deserve.

However, we are not desperate to fill this position and are willing to wait to find the right person. The purpose of this post is to “screen” the thousands of mediocre IT people in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area to find the one person who would be the best addition to our company.

There Are 10 Characteristics That We Require;  If You Do Not Meet Them All, Don’t Apply:

1.You must have a Windows MCSE certification and at least 3 years of Microsoft Windows System Administration experience.

2.You must be able to provide 3 or more references from previous employers who will vouch for your work ethic, experience and integrity.

3.You must be intensely serious about your desire to be part of a winning team and be willing to work hard, learn fast, and grow with us.

4.You must be passionate about delivering outstanding service to our clients.

5.You must be able to thrive in a fast-paced, challenging environment.

6.You must be willing to take personal responsibility for the maintenance and well being of clients’ networks, addressing emergencies as they arise, day or night.

7.You must be able to build a small business network from scratch: Vendor Selection, Design, Implementation, Disaster Recovery, and a Support Plan.

8.You must be willing to take responsibility for your mistakes, learn from them, and move on. We don’t want anyone with a “victim” mentality that constantly blames other people, lack of time, or anything else for not succeeding.

9.You must be willing to actively participate in new training to improve your skills and success on the job. We do not want passive team members.

10.You must be a pleasant, positive person. We only want to work with people who are fun to work with and stimulating to our group.

If you meet the above criteria, please follow these next steps:

1.Prepare a detailed resume outlining how you made an impact at your previous employment, as opposed to merely just a description of tasks.

2.Prepare a cover letter providing a detailed account as to why you think you’d be an excellentfit for this position.

3.Prepare a statement outlining your salary and benefit requirements.

4.Prepare a list of 3 references we can contact.

After you’ve completed the above tasks, please forward all the appropriate information to .

Due to the expected number of resumes we will receive, we will only get in touch with candidates that meet our needs. We look forward to meeting you!


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