Our Investment Approach

We look for analytically challenging, change-intensive investments where our skill set differentiates our ability to significantly improve both earnings and strategic value. We partner with exceptional management teams to capitalize upon and catalyze change. The companies that meet our investment criteria are usually those in change-intensive environments. This includes companies at all stages of their life-cycle facing changing market dynamics and/or strategic, operational, financial or organizational challenges.  

Our approach to investing and adding value to our portfolio companies is founded upon the rigorous application of fact-based analysis to understand, drive and implement strategic and operational change. Over the course of the past 8 years, our Principals have successfully used this analytical approach, their substantial transaction structuring experience and their ability to add value to investments to generate superior returns.

Our Commitment

Our philosophy is to approach each investment as co-owners and principals with the management team. Together, we look to build exceptional long-term value in the companies in which we invest.  

Our team has both the experience and the resources to help companies successfully execute operational, technology and strategic change. We do so through a collaborative approach with senior management with a focus on corporate strategy, technology, operational discipline, and financial structuring. We do not seek to run day-to-day operations. In all cases, we seek to closely align the interests of management with our own.


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