The Affiliate Information Technology process

1) Initial Meeting

We start out meeting with our new potential clients face to face to discuss a little about Affiliate Information Technology Computer Solutions and briefly, what we do. The first meeting is all about you, our client. We interview you and your team and talk all about your likes, dislikes, frustrations, hopes and dreams in terms of your technology. We try to spend 30-60 minutes with you and your management team listening to what you are looking for in choosing your new technology partner. This is done in order to provide a solution customized to your needs that will fit your expectations.

2) The Walkthrough

Most of the time, if time permits, we like to have a walkthrough of the location to see the computers and networking environment. This also gives us a chance to talk to the users about their experience with the computers in their day-to-day workings. We find many times the users have had frustrations or issues they have “lived with” for quite some time. These issues cause slowdowns and loss of production and can many times be easily solved.

3) The Technical Assessment

Using our proprietary software we are able to discover vulnerabilities that exist within your environment. We collect information about the network such as computer configurations, software, and system usage. Any company data or personal information is untouched. We do not look at data, only at your system design and configuration.

4) The Presentation

A few days after our walkthrough and assessment, we will return with a proposal and design that includes everything you need to bring your technology to the level that you require it. This may include support, monitoring, maintenance, security, even new computers or servers if needed. We also take this opportunity to present to you how we deliver our brand of service, Affiliate Information Technology, and the benefits of this program. You also will see what your fixed cost is for the Affiliate Information Technology program.

5) The Rollout

After approval of the plan, the Affiliate Information Technology team will execute. Typically, our initial process will take 2-3 weeks. Once you are fully rolled out, your entire company will begin experiencing the full benefits of the Affiliate Information Technology Affiliate Information Technology program.

6)The Relationship

Our goal is to create partnerships with our clients. We are here to become your one-stop resource for anything technology. We commonly will consult with our clients on a regular basis on guiding their business’s technology initiatives and planning for the future. Our function as your technology partner is to provide you with an ongoing, trusted relationship for any of your IT needs. It can be stressful constantly changing IT providers or constantly reviewing the cost of time and material bills. We take all the stress out of the relationship by being simply there to serve you.

7) Scheduled Reviews

The partnership between Affiliate Information Technology and its clients is anything but passive. As part of the Affiliate Information Technology process, a member of Affiliate Information Technology’s leadership team is tasked with visiting each client site a minimum of every 6 months to discuss the service in detail, review best practices in the IT industry, and obtain feedback regarding how well Affiliate Information Technology is serving both standard end-users and key personnel alike. These sessions provide time to allow client liaison’s an opportunity to discuss upcoming plans, make adjustments, and map out strategies to improve trouble spots on the network.

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